Far From Home Close To Love – Get your copy!

I can’t believe it, but my book “Far From Home Close To Love” is now available! WORLDWIDE!

The German version was published two years ago, but it was my heart’s desire to translate my book into English so that especially New Yorkers can read it. After all, this city and its inhabitants play the leading role!

It wasn’t always an easy time, but a time I never want to forget. I grew a lot as a person during this time. So it’s all the nicer to have captured it on paper. With my encounters, experiences, thoughts and emotions.

And as the dedication says:
“For my friends in New York, you are never forgotten.”
The book is for you! ❤️

Since I’m publishing the book independently, I don’t have a big publisher behind me to support me. That’s why I’m grateful for any support, such as spreading the news, commenting on the post and, of course, buying the book. Thank you!

You can order the book on amazon, some other booksellers will follow.

Amazon | US: https://a.co/d/bamoIme
Amazon | UK: https://amzn.eu/d/icNwe9J
Amazon | Germany: https://amzn.to/44me6BC
(Or go directly to your Amazon, wherever you live.)

And New York, I’ll be back. That’s a promise! Along with my play of the same name, which I’m taking on tour in the UK next week. Exciting times!

About my book:

I wrote down my personal story of my time in New York. In this poetic narrative, I relate my impressions and experiences. I lived my dream, but it took a lot out of me. In addition to my apartment being broken into, two older men on the street violating my personal space, and the generally overwhelming quality of life in NYC, I also had to deal with the loneliness that came with being so far from home.
I was about to lose myself. But if it was the city that brought me to this point, it was also New York that let me find myself again. Accompany me on my emotional journey as well as vicariously experiencing the uniqueness of New York.