Far From Home Close To Love


09.-11.05.24 | Presuming Ed’s, Brighton (TICKETS)
14.05.24 | The Kings Arms, Manchester (TICKETS)
15.05.24 | Theatre Deli, Sheffield (TICKETS)
17.05.24 | Etcetera Theatre, London (TICKETS)

International award-winning actor Benjamin Kelm brings his personal story of his time in New York to the stage. In this poetic narrative, he relates his impressions and experiences.

Join him on a fast-paced roller coaster ride through “the city that never sleeps,” with all the ups and downs, joy and excitement, and laughs and screams!

Ben lived his dream, but it took a lot out of him. In addition to his apartment being broken into, two older men on the street violating his personal space, and the generally overwhelming quality of life in NYC, he also had to deal with the loneliness that came with being so far from home.

He was about to lose himself. But if it was the city that brought him to this point, it was also New York that let him find himself again.
Accompany Ben on his emotional journey as well as vicariously experiencing the uniqueness of New York.

Benjamin Kelm participated in the “World Championships of Performing Arts” in Los Angeles and represented Germany in acting. In all six categories, he was awarded the highest rating of the jury as well as the Industry Award.

[…] In the play, I will take the audience to important places with me, for example by playing sound recordings that I recorded of the background noises there. Moreover, at very emotional moments, I will read out poems that I wrote exactly when I felt that way. Everyone can accompany me through the city up close, so to speak. […]

Would you like to find out more about my play and me? Then you can read the full interview here.


I started acting in the youth department of the Staatstheater Saarbrücken and then spent two seasons at the Schauspielhaus Köln.  I completed my acting training first in Saarbrücken (Germany) and then in London. I graduated from the “New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts” in May 2020.

In 2022, I took on a role in the feature film “Immenhof – The Great Promise”. Previously, I was seen in the German crime TV show “Der Pakt”, on “Wissen macht Ah!” and in the TV series “Unter Tannen”, among others. I regularly perform in the improv theater “sponTat” in Trier, Germany. Since 2016, I am a teacher for improv theater and I have been teaching acting for young people since 2017.

In the summer of 2017, I participated in the “World Championships of Performing Arts” in Los Angeles and I represented Germany in acting. In all six categories I was awarded silver (the highest rating of the jury) as well as the Industry Award. In Los Angeles I also received a scholarship to the “New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts”.

My first book “Nichts ist alltäglich – Kurzgeschichten aus Saarbrücken” was published in 2016 and I received the Saarland Author Award in the category “Fiction” for it. My second book “Ich lese was, was du nicht liest.” was published in January 2020.

I have been on tour with my solo play “Weit weg von zu Hause, der Liebe so nah.” since fall 2022 and the book of the same name was published by Edition Wort Verlag in May 2022. The English premiere of my play entitled “Far From Home Close To Love” took place at the Brighton Fringe 2023.

Oh, and I love raccoons and coffee and my second dream job is demon hunter. And I’d love to shoot with Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence or Viola Davis. I think you should know that.

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